Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's cool About Renting SCMH Lift Trucks in this Heat?

Equipment breakdown occurs more commonly in extreme weather conditions. SCMH Rental Solutions’ emergency rental is equipped to fill your needs this summer. You may rent daily, weekly, monthly, for short-term, or long-term periods.
The SCMH Rental Solutions fleet is comprised of either brand new or newly updated lift trucks. This means a smoother experience for your lift truck operators that translates into greater productivity.
“Consider it done.” when you call SCMH Rental Solutions half the load is taken off your shoulders as we strive to get your equipment out for delivery. If you call in early enough, you can have your forklift picked up in a matter of hours. This lessens your downtime and operational costs.
Our rental fleet are maintained by factory-authorized techs so you can be confident that the forklift you get will perform to its optimum capacity. Having another break down is one less thing to worry about.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hardworkers Throughout the Summer

Renting forklifts may just be the right option for you this summer. 

Available and reliable lift trucks from SCMH Rental Solutions allow you to choose from its wide inventory of forklifts including the hard-to-find big trucks in 15,000 LBS, 20,000 LBS, 22,000 LBS, 32,000 LBS, and 36,000 LBS. 

Scissor, aerial, and boom lifts are also ready for delivery. We have just about everything you need from attachments, batteries, and chargers. So keep in mind, when you need that extra hard-working lift this summer season, SCMH Rental Solutions is your most complete source for renting forklifts. 

We rent daily, weekly, monthly, short-term rental, long-term lease, & RPO. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mitsubishi ESR Series Available at SCMH

The newly introduced 3,000-3,500 lb. capacity 36-volt pantograph Mitsubishi forklift trucks ESR15 and ESR18N2 are single reach models that feature advanced AC technology and a modern design that delivers high performance, energy efficiency and the most ergonomic operator compartment in the industry.

Key benefits of the new 36-volt pantograph reach truck model include:

Exceptional Performance: The Mitsubishi forklift truck ESR series combines on-board electric controllers, AC electrical motor technology and an exclusive servicing software system that optimizes power and performance while minimizing energy consumption. These reach trucks also feature a hydraulic system which delivers some of the fastest and most controlled lift speeds in the industry. This results in quicker placement and pick-up of material handling loads for greater productivity.

Energy Efficient: The new 36-volt pantograph reach trucks boast improved efficiency over the previous model series. Power consumption is minimized through continued advances in our exclusive AC electric control system and usage of proprietary drive and lift motors. This allows the reach truck to run for up to two shifts on a single battery charge in most applications.

Excellent Stability: The newly designed mast results in excellent load stability at height. The mast, coupled with our exclusive suspended articulating drive axle, helps to support the new pantograph reach truck's higher rated capacities.

Enhanced Operator Ergonomics:  The spacious and cushioned operator compartment of the ESR series combines increased comfort and functionality which helps improve operator efficiency. The reach truck's exclusive intuitive control handle incorporates all operator functions into one grip to maximize operator performance. Additional features, like electric power steering, make positioning the reach truck in narrow aisles much easier, while reducing operator fatigue and improving accuracy.

Added Awareness: The new color operator display panel features the battery discharge indicator, drive wheel 360° travel direction, programmable performance levels and other information. These features help the operator remain confident and in control while maneuvering loads in and out of racking.

To get a quote, call 562-949-1000 or go to http://www.scmh.com/shop/new/mitsubishi-esr15n2-edr18n2-6/

Source: Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
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Monday, July 13, 2015

This summer, we're coming to deliver the great news about PM service in LA, OC, & SFV!

Never have to worry about your lift trucks breaking down this summer. With the SCMH Planned Maintenance (PM), you're sure to get peace of mind knowing your lift trucks are well-maintained for an affordable flat-rate. Our technicians are factory-authorized and professionally trained to ensure your forklifts are fully revved up this summer.

Watch out for our PSSRs hitting your area from August to September 2015 as they bring you details personally! Interact, ask them questions, and you will learn what sets SCMH's PM service apart!
Hurry and book your PM now! Pay for three (PM) bookings and get the fourth (4th) FREE! Call 562-949-1000 for Los Angeles and Orange County areas and 818-349-1220 for San Fernando Valley areas. You may also request a special visit and free consultation. Call us now and we will make sure to make your company among our first stops.
We'll see you soon!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Let SCMH Rental Solutions take care of all your lift truck rental needs so you can just breeze through your warehouse operations this summer. Let us take care of your forklift rental!

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