Monday, September 15, 2014

How safe is your warehouse environment?

Take advantage of our brand new fleet! All are equipped with the latest blue light technology designed to maximize safety!

Plus, review if your forklift operators are due for their safety operator training course!

Call SCMH now and let us help you ensure safety in your workplace.
To rent safety-enahnced forklifts:
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Basics Humans Need to Live are the Basics Forklifts Need to Perform

Food, shelter, clothing, proper hygiene, medical and dental check-ups are what enables a person to live by a certain standard. Proper nourishment, rest, and care are what allow the human body to perform at its best. Shouldn’t we afford our warehouse equipment the same?

As warehouse managers, business owners, lift truck operators, we invested a lot in acquiring our forklift.
To have it perform to its potential and to extend its length of use, we must provide it with proper nourishment, rest, and care.

How long has it been since its last oil, filter, and fluid change?

For electric lift trucks, do you have enough batteries to alternate between?

When did you last have your forklift serviced?

Is it on a regular maintenance schedule as prescribed by its manual?

Have you checked the tires recently?

Are its braking systems up to standards?

For as low as $60, you can put your forklifts (pallet jack starts at $60.00) under Southern California Material Handling’s Planned Maintenance Program. This is an exclusive offer for new contracts. Call 562-949-1000 now and ask about a planned maintenance quote for your forklift model. You may also visit for more details.

Don’t wait until your equipment flatlines on you. Care for it as you would your own body. After all living is not enough, in the end, with optimum productivity; we should all aim to thrive.

Friday, September 5, 2014

SCMH Q4 Operator Training Schedule Released

Announcing the schedule for Q4 for operator training by Southern California Material Handing.

SCMH is among the few that is endorsed by OSHA to facilitate operator safety training, train the trainer program, and aerial equipment training.

SCMH has been the trusted source of training in Southern California for over 20 years now nad has trained thousands of forklift operators for hundreds of companies in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Register contact Danny Barron at 562-654-3627 or Email You may also register online: