Wednesday, December 21, 2016

SCMH Holiday Hours of Operation 2016

SCMH Holiday Hours of Operation 2016

December 22 OPEN 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
December 23 CLOSED
December 26 CLOSED
December 30 OPEN 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
January 2 CLOSED
January 3 OPEN 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why PMs are Critical

Why PMs are Critical

Engine System
An engine not tuned to optimal performance can result in low power, inefficient operation and excessive fuel cost. Failure to comply with EPA requirements where applicable can result in considerable fines.

Lubrication System
Oil breaks down chemically and accumulates contaminants over time regardless of engine hours. Heat cycles also break down additives in engine oil and deteriorate lubrication capabilities, which can result in accelerated wear and shorter engine life.

Dirty or contaminated transmission oil could result in damage to clutch packs, seals, and bearings. Broken or worn seals can result in oil leaking into operating environment.

Front End System
Worn or cracked forks can fail without warning. Chain worn beyond 2% should be replaced. Improper mast sequencing may prohibit the mast and rollers from operating smoothly. If fork heel thickness is reduced to 90% of original thickness, the lift truck should not return to service. Source: ASME B56.1 of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Standards for Low Lift and Lift Trucks

Braking System
Contaminated brake fluid may cause steel components to rust, which in turn may cause leaks. Worn brake components can compromise braking performance or cause brakes to fail.

Steering System
Wheel bearings, tie rods, and other steer axle components wear over time. Excessive wear can result in a “loose” or “wandering” steering condition.

Cooling System
Coolant deteriorates over time, reducing the effectiveness of additives and changing the pH factor. Both can damage the water pump, radiator and aluminum components. A damaged fan blade may cause vibration, which can damage the bearings and radiator.

Air Filtration System
Clogged air filters can result in low power, inefficient operation and excessive fuel cost. Improper system sealing, including air filter sealing, can result in dust bypassing the filter element and damaging the engine.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's not too late! Avail of your tax benefits now. Purchase your lift trucks in 2016.

It's not too late! Avail of your tax benefits now. Purchase your lift trucks in 2016.

Section 179 tax benefits may enable you to deduct the total value of your lift trucks purchased in 2016.

Section 179 Allowance:
The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, makes the section 179 allowance permanent. Section 179 expensing is now set at the $500,000 level for qualifying new and used equipment. Businesses with over $2 million of purchases will have the expense deduction phase out dollar for dollar up to $2.5 million. In addition, the Section 179 cap is now indexed to inflation in S10,000 increments for future years

Bonus Depreciation:
The PATH Act extends and modifies the rules pertaining to bonus depreciation. The applicable bonus depreciation percentage will be 5O% for equipment placed in service during 2015, 2016 and 2017. The applicable bonus depreciation percentage will be 40% for property placed in service in 2018, and 30% for property placed in service in 2019.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SCMH Techs Retain Expertise with Relentless Training

SCMH Techs Retain Expertise with Relentless Training

No SCMH tech rests on his laurels as each pursue higher standards of rendering optimum lift truck service. In a series of Planned Maintenance (PM) update courses held in the fourth quarter of 2016, SCMH technicians immerse in intense training on PM tackling both refresher items and new technologies applied in inspecting, maintaining, and recommending long-term solutions to extend the life of material handling equipment. While SCMH techs are among the top-trained in the industry, with over 2,000 hours of combined training yearly, SCMH intends to ensure that it is always a step ahead to better serve its customers’ needs.

In an article published by The SCMH Tech Volume 1, Technical Training Manager Ron Lester reiterated that the industry is moving fast and SCMH pioneers the human expertise in maintaining and repairing highly-advanced lift trucks. “Any company can obtain machines. But without knowledgeable and skilled technicians, who will maintain and repair forklifts?” Ron shares.
While SCMH strongly focuses on technical programs all year long, safety training has always been a top priority. On November 15, a Fall Protection Program was conducted to ensure technicians are able to perform diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance at elevated heights.

On the same note, SCMH’s operator safety training programs are ongoing throughout the year, ensuring that all its employees are current with their permits—no exceptions. These programs are made available to its customers either on pre-scheduled class dates or by requested dates.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Jungheinrich EJE120: A Game Changer

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Click to watch what makes the EJE120 a cut above the competition.The Jungheinrich EJE120 electric hand pallet truck is the industry’s game-changer. With the highest turning radius, simplest maintenance, and best stability, it is guaranteed to keep you run times longer. Ask SCMH about the ongoing EJE120 Special at $99/month for 40 months at 0 interest. Hurry! Offer good ’til December 2016. 1-866-SCMH-CAT