Friday, October 31, 2014

SCMH Halloween Celebration Benefits Make a Wish Foundation

October 31, 2014 WHITTIER, CA  Beyond the Halloween costumes, office d├ęcor, and fanfare, Southern California Material Handling (SCMH) employees seized the opportunity to extend the celebration to the cause of Make a Wish Foundation via candy apple grams.

Employees purchased candy apple grams and had them delivered directly to their selected recipients early morning. Proceeds of the candy apple sale goes to Make a Wish Foundation Orange County and Inland Empire. “The well-received desk-to-desk candy apple gram generated funds enough to jumpstart the involvement of SCMH in the annual Walk for Wishes.” SCMH Warranty Supervisor and Make a Wish Foundation Wish Grantor Mike Rosoff shares.

Rosoff together with HR Head Gabby Duran initiated the candy apple gram activity that not only gave the employees a chance to sweetly greet their peers a happy Halloween, but also contribute to a greater cause—helping fulfill wishes of children undergoing life-threatening illnesses. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

SCMH Gets King of Queens Exposure

A little bird (an employee whose identity we were not able to request permission to disclose) told us about this scene from King of Queens where SCMH had a significant air time exposure.

About 11 seconds of tight shot and 30 seconds of full shot while the forklift was being operated.

Good thing though, our operators are well-trained enough to avoid the mishap on this scene.

Click on the link to watch.

For operator training, please call Danny Barron at 562-654-3627


Monday, October 20, 2014

SCMH Offers Warranty and Maintenance Package with 2C5000 and 2P5000

Southern California Material Handling is continuously providing programs beneficial to its customers by structuring packages that sustain the life of their lift trucks—Among which is a free two-year unlimited hour warranty and a basic maintenance package that goes with a purchase of any CAT 2C5000 or 2P5000.

A bonus to owning a brand that stands for quality, reliability, and customer service, the added warranty and maintenance package is an additional peace of mind for operators, warehouse managers, and business owners that their brand new purchase is backed by SCMH’s 70-year experience in maintaining forklifts. Customers can focus more on warehouse productivity without having to worry about their lift truck’s performance.

To avail of this package, call 562-949-1000 or visit for more details. To view the 2C5000 and 2P5000 models, click on this link:

Friday, October 17, 2014

SCMH Features & News: Take Care of Business Before the Holiday Rush

SCMH Features & News: Take Care of Business Before the Holiday Rush: Planning ahead is always a good thing. Especially when it involves the Holiday season, you may want to consider getting ahead of those deadl...

Take Care of Business Before the Holiday Rush

Planning ahead is always a good thing. Especially when it involves the Holiday season, you may want to consider getting ahead of those deadlines. While you think you may be ready for all the celebration the season brings, you may need extra time for that surprise visit from your aunt, or hunting the present you always thought would be on the store shelf.

So get all the work stuff accomplished earlier then have that extra time to spare when those Holiday surprises pop up. Here are some things that you can maybe take care of in advance:

1. Collate data you need for that year end report. Yes it may be too early, but you can gather the ones from January to October already. This way, you only have to input data for the remainder of the year. Sometimes too you're going to have to collaborate with others to accomplish that report. Give them a heads up and let them start preparing as well.

2. Don't wait 'til your next scheduled car check up or for the service button on your car to light up. Bring your vehicles up to speed with oil change, brake checks, etc., ahead of time so that when you're running around town over the Holidays, you don't have to worry about car break downs.

3. As early as now, finalize the list of recipients of corporate gifts. Start signing the greeting cards and passing them around. This helps in getting them out in the mail earlier without having to worry about courier/postal office's Holiday delivery load.

4. Check the supplies in your office. Are you running low on anything that is more in demand over the Holidays? Plates, spoons, forks, coffee supplies?

5. How are your service vehicles performing? Are your lift trucks well-oiled? Batteries in place? Filters changed? Do you have a go-to rental company in case you need more forklifts to service increased demand for your products this season?

6. Are any of your licenses expiring before the year ends? Driver's license? Business permits? Forklift operator certification? Subscription renewals? Now is the time to check into these things before issuing departments and organizations for these requirements announce their Holiday schedule.

Now breathe. Relax. After you've taken time to accomplish these things, you have more flexibility for that surprise visit.

Some important go-to phone numbers:

Forklift rental 1-8777-752-3425 SCMH Rental Solutions
Forklift parts and service 562-654-3614
Brand new forklifts 562-949-1000
Used forklifts 562-654-3644
Operator certification 562-654-3627

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FREE Two-Year Unlimited Hour Warranty + Basic Maintenance Package

For a limited time only, get a 2-year UNLIMITED hour warranty and a basic maintenance package FREE when you purchase any CAT 2C5000 or 2P5000 from SCMH.

Great lift truck that comes with a great warranty and a maintenance package can only come from Southern California's most trusted material handling source, for over 70 years, Southern California Material Handling, Inc.

Call 562-949-1000 to get your CAT Lift Truck now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jungheinrich EJE120 "Try Before You Buy" Promo is Now Ongoing

We try on clothes before we buy them. We test drive cars before we bring them home. We even have a dating period before we marry someone!

At SCMH, we understand that a trial period is a a great way to affirm that what we are getting into is for keeps. That's why we are letting our clients try a brand new, 4500-pound capacity, electric palett truck: The Jungheinrich EJE120. We are confident that after you have tried it, you would love to keep it.

What is so special about this promotion is that we are making the EJE120 even more affordable with 0% Financing options of up to 36 months. So go ahead, fall in love with it! Because SCMH will make it very easy for you to keep and enjoy your brand new Jungheinrich EJE120. 

*Jungheinrich  (Pronounced: Young Hine Rick) 

24-volt brushless AC 
technology for high 
performance & efficiency

Shortest turning radius in the industry for greater

Industry-leading stability 
with ProTrakLink caster system

27” X 48” forks

Industrial battery and built-in charger means longer life

For more details, visit

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SCMH Holds Q3 Meeting Among Employees

Whittier, California, October 8, 2014:  Southern California Material Handling, Inc. (SCMH) held its all-employee quarterly meeting at its Whittier headquarters with COO Mike Wolfe reporting on a generally positive performance for the previous quarter.

The company maintained its market share over its Los Angeles and Orange County territories with three of its sales managers ranking top placements in Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc.’s (MCFA) Ironman program.

Company updates and plans were presented but as usual, the highlight of the morning revolved around recognizing key people whose work ethics were instrumental in propelling the company towards the right direction. Longevity awards were highlighted and employees who live the SCMH values were celebrated.

The gathering was capped with camaraderie over breakfast, starting everyone’s work day just perfectly.

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