Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Announcing the Newly Updated Features of the Jungheinrich ETV Q20/Q25 Sit-down Moving Mast Reach

Announcing the Newly Updated Features of the Jungheinrich ETV Q20/Q25

Sit-down Moving Mast Reach 
The ETV Q series provides multi-directional steering which enables the unit to travel forward, reverse or sideways down a warehouse aisle to accommodate extra wide loads.

Unique to the ETV Q series, aside from its five different steering modes and multi-directional travel capabilities, is the maintenance-free electric load wheel brakes. This feature eliminates the need for brake fluid altogether.

Because all wheels are equipped with a braking mechanism, this truck can maintain straight directional alignment while braking with no unexpected or unwanted turning. Additionally, a special capacitor also maintains the voltage in case of an emergency stop or if a power cut-off occurs to keep the controller activated for smooth and controlled braking on all wheels.

Included in this update is: 
  • Our 4" LED bright-colored premium display, now standard for keeping operators aware of truck status at all times.
  • The updated soloPILOT and multiPILOT handles for more intuitive control for the operators.
  • Increased efficiency and power along with reduced energy consumption to the drive and lift motors.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Now Trending: UTG

Now Trending: UTG
If you're not on it, you're missing out. BIG time.

How can SCMH guarantee your operations’ uptime? Simple. We maintain your forklifts through the most highly-trained team of techs and ensure it never breaks down. If it does, SCMH waives repair labor costs and you get a free loaner—making sure your operations remain uninterrupted. All that we ask is you don’t delay your planned maintenance (PM) by more than five days and facilitate repairs that are detrimental to your uptime. Things that you usually do anyway, so it’s a win-win!
How to get the UTG seal? If you’re not yet on our PM program, we’ll put you on one. A tech will come out to do a complete evaluation of your equipment, the cost of which redeemable by applying the UTG voucher towards any repair our tech determines that will get your lift truck back to “uptime health”. Plus, you get the complete report and results for your forklift.
Not on SCMH’s UTG? No worries! You’re still covered should you have a downed equipment (which could have been avoided if you’re on our PM UTG)—we guarantee our expert tech will get to you within four hours (regular business hours) or your first hour of labor is free! Just keep in mind regular business hours apply. How cool is that? UTG, baby!
If your forklift is of ripened age, 10,000 hours or so, we can still get you uptime guaranteed by recommending a replacement—either a new or one of our premium pre-owned lift trucks. Both are backed by our UTG.
SCMH guarantees you’ll love your new forklift or we’ll buy it back within 30 days. As long as you don’t break it, buyback guarantee applies. Sweet, huh?
SCMH also guarantees 100% performance on your premium pre-owned forklift or we will take it back within 90 days. Just pay for book rate rental and you’re free to choose another option from our wide list of inventory. What have you got to lose?
Still deciding between new or used? Why not rent from SCMH? We guarantee on-time delivery or you pay no delivery charges. That’s how we ensure your uptime—you’ll get your equipment when you need it most.
Finally, parts are under UTG too. Qualified parts will ship next-day guaranteed or you’ll get them absolutely free. You don’t pay for the part and you don’t pay for the shipping. Just call and let our parts rep know “I’m ordering this one on your parts fast parts free guarantee!” we’ll look up the part, ensure it’s a stocked item, and bam! You’re on the UTG!
So the next time you hear peers in the industry, buzzing about
SCMH’s Uptime Guarantee, don’t be left out. Let them know “It’s UTG, baby!”


Monday, March 6, 2017

Not a Minute Late: Your SCMH Uptime Guaranteed

Not a Minute Late: Your SCMH Uptime Guaranteed

Get SCMH Rental Solutions lift trucks when you need it most. We promise you will get your rental on time or delivery is free. No buts, no ifs.  Contact our SCMH Rental Solutions professionals at 1-877-752-3425 and arrange when you will be needing your equipment. They are ready to guarantee you a delivery time and you can expect your forklift to be there on the dot and not a minute late, or no delivery charges apply.

It’s that simple. This is our commitment to performance. This is your uptime guaranteed.

Visit https://www.scmh.com/rental/forklift-rentals-los-angeles/ for our extensive selection of equipment. You can also download our rental rate sheet at http://www.scmh.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/2015-Ratecard.pdf