Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stock Up On Parts and Avoid Getting Stuck

If you’ve been running your warehouse operations for a time now, you’d know that an inoperable forklift gets you stuck. Downtime and wasted man hours are certainly not the way to start the year right. SCMH makes it easy for you to stock up on routine parts that you know would be needed changed at certain times in the year—these include batteries, tires, and filters, to name a few. With its New Year promotion of 10% off your total $1,000 (or more) purchase, you'd get huge savings on parts that you would end up needing anyway. Plus, it spares you the time sourcing and waiting for delivery which causes more downtime.
Call SCMH now at 562-654-3614 and order the forklift parts you need! Don’t forget to mention code NEW2015.

Visit www.scmh.com for more details.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SCMH Holiday Schedule

SCMH Holiday Schedule:
Closed on December 24 & 25, and January 1, 2015. 
Don't forget about our year-end blow out featuring Columbia vehicles at great prices and our parts New Year sale!  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today's Featured Forklift Rental Rates

IC Cushion Forklifts Rental Rates

A snap shot of how competitive our rates are considering our fleet are composed of either brand new or newer models--ensuring productivity and less downtime.

10% Off on All Forklift Parts Purchase

We would like to help start your New Year right by offering 10% off on your total purchase of $1000 or more. Please mention NEW2015 when you call to order. Promo ends January 31, 2015. Call now 562-654-3614 or Email parts@scmh.com to order your parts now!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Can't Afford New Forklifts? You can Afford to Rent Brand New Ones!

If it is more practical for your company to rent forklifts as opposed to owning them, then it should make sense renting the brand new ones. Here’s why:

1.      BUDGET  If your business rents instead of buys equipment due to budget constraints, then you should be able to rent the newer forklifts that do not dent your bottomline further. Newer trucks mean less downtime. Less maintenance costs. Less excuses from your operators to get the operations of your company going.

2.      PRODUCTIVITY It is a given that the newer trucks drive your productivity higher. The functions on the newer forklifts are smoother. The modern features are available, giving your operators ease of use, resulting in getting the job done in lesser hours. Plus, if you were the operator, wouldn’t you take pride in using newer equipment? I know I would jump ahead of everyone else so I don’t end up with the beat up forklift.

3.      SAFETY SCMH’s rental fleet is equipped with the blue light technology that enhances safety in the workplace. This is an added warning device that notifies pedestrians ahead of time that a forklift is coming. This is great for warehouses that are noise-laden where a lot of have grown immune to honking.

4.      COSTS THE SAME as renting old forklifts. That’s right! It’s not more expensive to rent newer forklifts. So why would you rent an old, beat up truck when you can rent a newer, more efficient equipment for the same price?

What are you waiting for? Switch now to SCMH Rental Solutions before our rental fleet is gone! It makes a great Holiday surprise for your operators.

Routine maintenance comes with every SCMH Rental Solutions Equipment.
All forklifts are maintained by factory-authorized technicians.

To rent now or for more information, call 1-877-752-3425 or visit http://www.scmh.com/rental/forklift-rentals-los-angeles/ for our rates 

Monday, December 8, 2014

SCMH Features & News: SCMH Yearend Blowout

SCMH Features & News: SCMH Yearend Blowout: Waiting for that perfect opportunity to upgrade to a brand new equipment? Here's your chance to own brand new Columbia trucks! Perfect...

SCMH Yearend Blowout

Waiting for that perfect opportunity to upgrade to a brand new equipment? Here's your chance to own brand new Columbia trucks! Perfect to usher in the new year with brand new:

$5999 or $179/month 
for 36 months +Tax

1,100 lb Capacity
Electric Utility
232 Amp Hour
6V Batteries Installed
Forward Facing Bench
Deluxe Light Kit

$4999 or $149/month
for 36 months +Tax

Fold-down Backrest
Four 12V Sealed Batteries
48V 3-Wheel
Tiller Steering

$9499 or $283/month
for 36 months +Tax

CA Low Speed Vehicle Package
232 AMP Hour
6V Batteries
14” High Folding Sides
4-Wheel Hydraulic Brake System

$4999 or $149/month
for 36 months +Tax

232 AMP Hour
6V Batteries Installed
6-Step Ladder

Call SCMH now before these bargain-priced, brand new trucks are gone! 562-949-1000. Dont forget to mention YEAREND BLOWOUT


Friday, December 5, 2014

Tired of Renting Old Forklifts?

Trust SCMH RENTAL SOLUTIONS to deliver NEW forklifts that are regularly maintained by factory-authorized service technicians. Available in: All types and sizes of electric powered fork lifts •  propane powered forklifts up to 30,000 lbs • diesel powered
forklifts up to 90,000 lbs • scissor & boom lifts

Rent Brand New Forklift in LA & OC